How to Be a Jet-Setter, The Simple Way.

Planning to travel – from concept to execution sounds like an overwhelming task. It definitely is time consuming – but it doesn’t need to be stressful!


This is the first trip I have planned for myself as a young adult – and not just tagging alongside my family’s travel plans, as relaxing as that can be as well.

Being the methodical (some may say OCD) person I am, when I first thought about how to create this travel itinerary, I made an order- which I am going to list and break down for you here.

  1. Know your Budget
  2. Know Where you Want to Go
  3. Know When you Want to Go
  4. Know Where you Will be Staying
  5. Book your Flights
  6. Further Research your Locations!


  1. Know Your Budget:This is important because it will determine both the amount, the places you can visit during your travel as well as the feeling your trip will have. Someone can take a trip to Europe for as little as possible by taking overnight trains and staying in hostel’s, as opposed to another person who would only want to stay in the top-notch hotels and go to the top of the line restaurants every night to eat.


  1. Know Where You Want to Go: This is the easy part. Browse around on Pinterest and Instagram to see interesting places other bloggers or friends have traveled to that may be of interest to you. Depending on your budget think about how close together those places are to one another (if you plan on going to 1+ locations). The further they are apart, the more likely you are to spend more on your transportation.


  1. Know When You Want To Go:Take into account what time of year you would like to travel to your location(s), as each season brings an entirely different feeling! Additionally, keep in mind that if you are traveling with another or a group the timing needs to line up for your traveling party. Lastly, timing does make a difference in the pricing of flights! There are great websites that blog about flight deals which can be helpful if you’re flexible with your timing! This step also includes knowing how LONG you want to go for. That being said – now that you know where you want to go- allocate how long you would like to remain in each location (both through research and personal choice!)


  1. Know Where You Will Be Staying: You don’t want to go ahead and book flights if you have no idea of where you will be staying. So, before you do so- make sure you have a sense of where you would like to be staying. Both your accommodations – being with family, friends, hotels or hostels, as well as travel location! Keep in mind- just because something says it’s in the same city it may not be close to the sites you want to see. Again, be cautious of your budget because it will be a factor in where you will be staying. Once you’re sure of your accommodations and length you will be staying in each location go ahead and book the accommodations!


  1. Book Your Transportation:If you are going to multiple locations, it may benefit you to look into the order in which you will be traveling. One way may be cheaper than going another route. Additionally, often times there is more than one way to travel between cities including busses, ferries and trains – which can be cheaper than flights! Definitely do your research on this if you would like to be mindful of prices.


  1. Further Research: You now have your accommodations and transportation booked! You also probably know the main sites you want to see and activities you would like to do (being that it influenced your decision to want to go to those places). This is the final step, and it’s not crucial. Research the locations a bit further – see if there’s a cool coffee shop you might want to pop in to for breakfast one morning or an awesome comedy club you want to stop by one night. Another approach is to not do this step at all and simply play it by ear and explore your adventurous side!


I am so excited for my upcoming travels this summer with Sam to Europe and I can’t wait to take you along with me on this travel series!

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